Book Review: The Widowmaker

Book: The Widowmaker

Author Hannah Morrissey

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for an advanced audio copy.

The Widowmaker is the type of book that all books should aspire to be. It’s that book where it doesn’t take more than a few words to transport you into the pages and get sucked in. I knew I was going to like this one based on the plot but I didn’t just like it, I loved it.

Cold Cases are something that both fascinate me and terrify me at the same time. The idea that some cases just never get solved is hard to wrap my head around. A 20-year-old cold case is one of the main plot points in The Widowmaker.

Twenty years ago a wealthy business and family man, Clive Reynolds disappeared. He was presumed dead but a body was never found. Now in the present day, a cop is killed and his murder opens up some new clues to the cold case surrounding Clive Reynolds.

The two main characters are well developed and likable. Ryan Hudson is the partner of the cop who was just killed and Morgan Mori is a photographer who gets caught in the middle of all the drama. In my opinion, Morgan was the stronger of the two and I did enjoy the chapters from her point of little more but it was close.

The discoveries made and all the twists and turns made The Widowmaker a book I couldn’t put down. I just had to get some answers. I did get all the answers I wanted and I loved how it all came together in the end. I definitely recommend this book to anyone.

Final Score: 5/5

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