Book Review: Showstopper

Book: Showstopper

Author: Peter Lovesey

Thank you NetGalley and RB media for an advanced audio copy.

Showstopper follows a popular television show called Swift. Despite its popularity, Swift has had some development issues. They have been plagued with onsite injuries, missing cast and crew, and even some deaths. Most believe the show is cursed, others think it’s foul play. After a recent death detective Peter Diamond is in the case.

This is the 21st book in the Peter Diamond series. I knew nothing about this series and had no issues following the plot and the characters. This worked great as a stand-alone.

Sadly the investigation never drew me in. I was trying to get myself involved in trying to figure out the mystery with Peter but I never found the characters intriguing enough to get fully invested. They are written well, they just didn’t do enough to suck me in.

When the conclusion came I was surprised by the outcome. This was one that I was not clever enough to figure out and I love when that happens.

This has an intriguing mystery around a fun idea. If you like investigations I do recommend this book. I’m not sure why the investigation didn’t click for me, but I do recommend it.

Final score 3/5

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