Book Review: Baked Inn Love

Book: Baked Inn Love

Author: Erin Branscom

I loved this book so much!

Allie is a single mom who is trying to make it out in California. Unfortunately, she gets fired from her job and realizes she needs to be close to her family. Her family is in Freedom Valley New Hampshire where they own and operate an inn.

Allie’s brother’s girlfriend’s best friend Logan is moving back to the east coast. Allie and Logan do not know each other but they decide to go on a cross-country adventure together.

Logan and Allie’s road trip was so fun. It was great to see Allie find her passion again.

I got very invested in Allie’s story. She is dealing with a court custody battle with her ex and that kept me on the edge of my seat. It was heartwarming to see her support system of all her family members and Logan be there for Allie.

I loved the relationship that Allie and Logan formed. They meshed together perfectly. You could see they were truly meant to be together.

Baked Inn Love is Book #2 in the Freedom Valley. However, this works great as a standalone.

After reading this I will absolutely be reading the other two books in the series.

A big thank you to the author Erin Branscom for a copy!

Final Score 5/5

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