Game Review: Dead Space

With the remake coming out soon I felt it was finally time for me to check out the original Dead Space.

Reviewed on Steam Deck

I am both equally surprised and proud of myself for beating this game. I do not do well with scary games. When I played Resident Evil 7 I had to play in 10-minute intervals to not have a heart attack. Dead Space I was actually able to play for longer stretches and I’m still alive to tell the tale.

I really loved most aspects of this game and this is a game I would have bet money I would have not been able to complete because I would be too scared. That’s not to say the games were not scary because it definitely was, but there was something about Dead Space that had me continuing to play.

The combat is exceptional. You will fight a variety of enemies but you take them down the same way. Shoot off their limbs. This is one of the most satisfying elements of combat in any shooter. It was a fun change instead of just aiming for their heads you aim for their arms and legs.

The atmosphere is tense. You are in a spaceship that has a variety of tight corridors and open rooms. Fights can take place anywhere and you always need to be ready. The music and sound effects do a great job of alerting you that you are in danger and I think this was a major factor in why I was able to play the game.

I love stories in games, it’s the main reason I play games in my adult life. Dead Space has a great story that’s told to you in a few different ways. The atmospheric storytelling is incredible as you explore. While exploring you also will find audio logs. In games, I don’t usually listen to audio logs but for some reason, I did here and it adds so much to the story. Then of course we have traditional cut scenes which are all well done. Somehow 14 years after its release I was not spoiled on the ending and I’m glad I wasn’t.


For someone who usually can not play horror games, I was not expecting to get through Dead Space. Not only did I get through it, but I also loved it and can’t wait to move on to the sequel. A tense environment, excellent shooting mechanics, and a wonderfully told story make Dead Space an absolute classic.

Final score 10/10

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