Book Review: Verity

Book: Verity

Author: Colleen Hoover

Kristen’s Review:

I had Verity on my to-be-read list for a while but many friends told me I need to read it so I finally pushed it up my list. It is a fast paced novel that will keep you at the edge of your seat at times. I gave it four stars due to many disturbing moments throughout the story that I just wasn’t expecting. The big question is, are you team manuscript or team letter? I am team manuscript.

Final Score 4/5

Brian’s Review:

I decided to read this book because my beautiful wife told me to. I did not enjoy this as much as she did. The premise was interesting, an unknown author, Lowen, has to finish a well known author’s book series. Verity is the name of the famous author and it is Verity’s house that Lowen is staying in to do her research. Verity was in a bad car accident and was unable to continue writing, that’s why Lowen had to step in. Lowen finds a manuscript that Verity wrote describing parts of her life in grueling detail painting her as a horrible person. I will leave out the details to avoid spoilers, there is also a letter that is discovered that sparks the debate, team letter, or team manuscript. I am team letter for reasons I can’t say without using spoilers.

I love the conversation and arguments that this makes you have once the book is over but in my opinion, the book was not good enough to warrant such a fun debate. If it were not for this debate the book sparked, my score would be even lower. Outside of the debate, the only part of the book I really enjoyed was closing it.

Final Score 2/5

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