Game Review: The Division: Warlords of New York

The Division Warlords of New York is one of the few DLCs that brought me back to a game and that I actually completed.

Reviewed on Google Stadia (RIP)

I reviewed The Division 2 a while back and this is what I had to say:

The Division 2 is a fun well made looter shooter. It can be repetitive and has some uninteresting gear but I had fun the whole way through. It fit my mood for whatever I needed. There is an expansion that brings us back to New York and after completing the base game, it left me excited to go back for more and head back to New York.

Final Score 7.5/10

I stand by that score and also I really impressed myself. I said I was excited to play the expansion and I actually did. It was like a year later but I did it. Good for me. I almost never play DLCs or expansions. The Division took place in New York City, and being from New York naturally I loved the game even more. I loved running around Manhattan looking at places I have actually been to but in video game form. So because of all of this, I was excited to go back to New York for this expansion.

The story was pretty minimal but I enjoyed the concept. It’s a manhunt. You have to track down different people to get to the one you really want. It was an easy way to divide up the map and give you boss battles along the way. When I say the story content was minimal I don’t actually mean the amount of content. I mean the actual story. The content itself probably took me about 12 hours from start to finish. A good 2-3 hours of that was spent trying to kill the final boss but that’s still a good chunk of time for an expansion.

The core gameplay is the same. It’s a cover based shooter where you are always looting to find better weapons and gear. There is something about the shooting in this game that is just pure fun. It feels great and when you add in some gadgets it’s even better.

The biggest problem I had, which I don’t remember having with the main campaign was the grind. You enter this at level 30. When I got up to the final mission I was only level 38 and had to grind out the last two levels since there is a requirement to start the final mission, you had to be level 40. That final mission was one of the hardest missions I had to do in a modern shooter. It’s a long road to get to the final boss and the boss fight was pure hell. It was so hard that I almost quit the game and didn’t even finish it. If you have a coop friend or two make sure to bring them in for that one.

After rolling credits on the story, I stumbled into one of the coolest parts of the expansion, the Summit. The Summit is a skyscraper that you have to go up level by level and clear out all the baddies. It was always fun and challenging to see what floor I can make it up to either by myself or with a group.


I went through a bunch of emotions while playing this game. At first I was amazed that I was actually playing the game. Then it was happiness as I was enjoying the story and the mechanics. The final mission brought in anger I had not had for a game in a long time. Then the Summit brought me back to joy so I ended my time in New York on a high note.

Final score 7/10

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