Book Review: So That Happened

Book: So That Happened

Author: Katie Bailey

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy.

So That Happened was such a fun book. The story follows Annie. Annie had some travel issues that led to her ending up with a stranger in an airport hotel. That stranger just so happens to be her new boss, but in the moment neither of them knew it.

Right from the start I loved Annie. Our first glimpse of Annie is her running for a plane she did not want to miss. She was full of jokes and sarcastic quips and she instantly became one of my favorite characters. To put it simple, Annie is a hot mess and that leads to a lot of laughs. However, you are not laughing at Annie, you are laughing with her.

Liam who comes off as a jerk from the start is someone you learn so much about and see him grow throughout the story. Annie was perfect for Liam and I really enjoyed watching their relationship progress.

Outside of Annie, Liam had a big support system with his brother, sister, and his niece “legs”. They are truly sibling goals. They are so close and are such great support systems for each other.

The story is on the predictable side but the characters are so good you don’t even care if you can see what’s coming. There’s no way you can get through this book without falling in love with Annie and Liam.

Final score 5/5

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