Book Review: The Hunted

Book: The Hunted

Author: P.R. Black

Thank you NetGalley and Saga Egmont Audio for an advanced audio copy.

Based on the summary of The Hunted I was excited and I felt this is exactly the type of book I love. Unfortunately by the time I was finished I was left wanting so much more from the fun premise.

What I thought I was getting was a group of old friends that have a lot of secrets that can really mess with each other’s lives. What I got was a couple of secrets and a prank that went wrong, which was not a secret.

Even if I put that aside, my biggest issue with the book was I really wasn’t rooting for anyone. With the exception of maybe one of them, none of the characters were really all that likable.

There was some suspense and some thrilling moments but there were a lot of boring scenes between characters that ultimately weren’t needed. It’s really a shame because when things got fast pace and the killer was around the writing was excellent.

I also found myself waiting for a twist that never came. From the opening chapter when the “American woman” looked familiar it was obvious who would be out for blood when the women all started to tell their stories later on.

I really did enjoy the faster pace scenes and the writing that came along with it so I do want to check out another book by P.R. Black and I am looking forward to it. Unfortunately The Hunted was a miss for me.

Final Score: 2/5

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