Book Review: Built to Last

Book: Built To Last

Author: Erin Hahn

Thank you NetGalley and OrangeSky Audio for an advanced audio copy.

Built to last is one of the best comeback stories I have read in a long time. The story follows Shelby who was a child star that followed a path of destruction you see way too often. Now at 28 she is a changed person and staying out of the spotlight. She works with her dad and restores old furniture pieces and loves it.

Shelby gets an opportunity to do a home renovation show with her former co-star and her first love, Cameron. One problem is that her other former co-star and jealous ex-boyfriend Lyle is heavily involved.

Both Shelby and Cameron go through so much growth throughout the book. Shelby does not let any of the drama brought on by Lyle affect her. She stays above it all and true to her new and improved self. After being on camera as a child star Cameron found success being behind the camera making documentaries. What this really meant was he got to stay on the road and just continue to run from his problems and his past self. He goes through the most growth throughout the book and I loved it all.

There are some couples you just want together from the start and Shelby and Cameron are one of them. It was really helped by the excellent narration from Lisa Zimmerman and Kale Williams. Both of them did not just tell you a story, they performed it and let you visualize it. They made a great story even better. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and I actually preordered a hard copy for the bookshelf.

Final Score 5/5

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