Book Review: Ghostwritten

Book: Ghostwritten

Author: Ronald Malfi

Thank you NetGalley and Tantor Audio for an advanced audio copy.

Ghostwritten is a collection of 4 horror novellas. I was looking forward to this for a good October book and while the stories were not really scary it’s a great read for the spooky season.

The first story is called The Skin of Her Teeth. This is about a book that’s being adapted into a movie. There is a history of adoptions being made and they all had tragedies that stopped the movie from being made. The book did not want to be altered and it would do anything to stay as is. I really enjoyed this story and as the first story in the book, I could not wait to continue.

The next story was called The Dark Brothers’ Last Ride. This one followed two brothers who are tasked with delivering a book to a buyer. I don’t even want to being to describe what happened because it was an experience. I did not like this story as much as the first but it was still a fun ride.

The third story was This book Belongs To Olo. I don’t know if this was the longest but it sure felt like it was. I could not get into this one at all. It follows a creepy boy named Olo who traps people in his pop-up book. The kid was creepy so this may have been the scariest of the stories but I just really struggled to get into the story. I was feeling good about this book until this story. Following this story, I thought my rating was going to drop, and it may have if it didn’t have such a strong finish.

The final story was simply called The Story. This is the reason this is a five-star review. This was one of my favorite novellas I have ever read or listened to. This is a real life choose your own adventure and whoever is currently going through the story has to try to stay sane and take notes to know what’s the story and what’s reality. Choices become deadly and the end result, well you will just have to find out.

As a whole I recommend the book but The Story is definitely a novella that needs to be checked out.

Final Score 5/5

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