Book Review: Before I Do

Book: Before I Do

Author: Sophie Cousens

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Putnam for an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

The prologue in Before I Do will immediately hook you into what is going on in the main character Audrey’s life.

It starts off with Audrey running out of the church on her wedding day. You learn everything that has happened leading up to that very moment, plus before and after. The chapters went back and forth throughout the book.

You learn hows Audrey’s life was shaped through her past, which had a lot to do with her mother’s long list of lovers, as well as her first experience with what she feels could have been love. Six years before her wedding day she met Fred. Fred took her on an adventurous date and then she never saw him again, until the night before her wedding at her rehearsal dinner.

Fred was her “what if” moment in life. What if he did show up for their next date, would things have been different?

Aside from seeing Fred, everything leading up to the wedding was a disaster from bats in the church, all the way to her torn dress. She was taking all these bad moments as a sign from the universe that Fred coming back into her life was a sign she was meant to be with him instead of Josh.

To be honest, I wanted Josh to be a jerk so I wouldn’t have felt as bad for him as I did. Josh was such a kind and sweet guy that was so in love with Audrey.

My favorite laugh-out-loud part of the story was the airplane scene. With everyone eavesdropping on Audrey’s story and choosing sides.

This is such a great story that will have you guessing what Audrey was going to do right up to the end.

Final Score: 5/5

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