Ridge Roome Roof Top Tavern

Place: Ridge Roome

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

We were extremely excited about Ridge Room Roof Top Tavern from the moment we made out hotel reservations. We know how beautiful the area is and we couldn’t wait to see the view that Ridge Room offered. The view was great and the food was even better. 

They have small plates here instead of traditional entrees so we tried a few things off the menu. It was very hard to pick a favorite but we did have a least favorite. So let’s start with the favorites. 

Twice cooked pork belly was the first thing we tried. It was absolutely perfect. Visually it looks great. It’s three pieces of pork belly sitting on top of broccoli slaw and a mango coulis connecting them all. The broccoli slaw was so good that if I could order more of that I would have. As for the pork belly, it has the perfect blend of crunchy and fatty making for a delicious bite. 

The next item we tried was the Thai Chili Wings. On the surface, wings look and sound like an easy thing to make, and they are. They are easy to make good but they are hard to make great. It’s easy to do two things; overcook your chicken and make it dry, and use too much sauce to overpower your chicken. At Ridge Room, the chicken was cooked perfectly and the sauce was delicious. It had the right amount of spice where you feel it, but you are not reaching for your water after every bite. 

The last thing we tried that I will say is tied for our favorite was the slow roasted short rib. Short rib is definitely one of our go to meals to order out. Just like the pork belly, there was just the right amount of fat in the short rib to make it the perfect bite. 

One thing that we enjoyed but was not something I would be rushing to order again was the flatbread. There was nothing really wrong with it, but also nothing that made it stand out. It did not look or taste like it came out of the same kitchen as the rest of the food. 

The drinks we had were also excellent. The prices were reasonable and I even found a new drink that I have tried to make at home a few times now. That drink is what they called “liquid pb&j” it was peanut butter whiskey and raspberry liquor. It blew my mind. I can’t make it as good as they did but I’ll keep practicing. 

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