Book Review: The Christmas Clash

Book: The Christmas Clash

Author: Suzanne Pak

Thank you to NeGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy.

Kristen’s Review:

The story follows Chloe Kwon and Peter Li. They were enemies before they even met. Their families have been feuding for years. Both families own and operate a restaurant in the Riverwood Mall.

Chloe is very passionate about photography. She works in the Riverwood Mall at Santas village, taking pictures of families with Santa. Peter works in the mall as well, across the way from Santa’s village at a Holiday virtual reality experience.

The story gives a dual point of view bouncing from Chloe to Peter. They find out that the Riverwood Mall is planning on getting demolished for condos. They push their differences aside to work together to try and save their family’s businesses as well as their livelihoods.

While they are doing everything they can to stop the closing of the mall, sparks start to fly between Peter and Chloe. It was so cute to see their romance grow.

It is such a feel good Christmas story with such well developed characters. Chloe’s friends were so supportive of her and her family’s dreams. You will feel just like one of Chloe’s friends and want her dreams to come true for her.

Final Score 4/5

Brian’s Review:

I love books with a dual point of view. The Christmas Clash is narrated from both Chole’s and Peter’s points of view. Chole and Peter come from rival families and were trained to not like each other from birth. When the book starts out I did not get hatred vibes from either of them and it’s what made me like them from the start.

I liked them both as individual characters and I like them together as a couple. They had very believable chemistry and watching their relationship blossom was beautiful.

Both of their families own a restaurant in a mall. The mall is going to be demolished to build condos. Chole and Peter start to come up with a plan on how to save the mall. I like how their friend groups thought Chole and Peter hanging out was weird, and I really liked when Peter didn’t even know how to describe what they are. His friends had to tell him that Chole is his friend. It was a cute moment, and I can see Peters smile through the pages when Chole is called his friend.

I really enjoyed the story and all the characters, both the main characters and the supporting ones. Everyone was likable and well-developed. My biggest complaint about the book is the title. It’s called The Christmas Clash, but sadly there is not much about Christmas here outside of their jobs in the mall.

This is a fun RomCom that I definitely recommend.

Final Score 4/5

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