Book Review: Bad Girl Reputation

Book: Bad Girl Reputation

Author: Elle Kennedy

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillian Audio for an advanced audio copy.

I was pleasantly surprised by Bad Girl Reputation. From the summary of the book and the way it starts, it seemed like it was going to be a very typical paint-by-numbers romance novel. I’m happy to be wrong, this was a lot more than that.

The story starts when Genevieve comes back to her hometown for her mother’s funeral. She has a lot of history in her hometown. Mostly with her ex-boyfriend Evan.

I really loved Gen and Evan together. They both will do anything for each other including trying to stay away from the other if that’s what’s best. I said this book was more than other romance novels, Gen and Evan’s relationship is one of the main reasons why I say that. This is not a book about second, third, or even fourth chances. This is not about someone trying to right a wrong from the past. This is about growth. Evan and Gen did not need to give each other another chance, they needed to grow as adults to be able to handle a relationship, and that’s what you are witnessing throughout the book. I really loved watching both of them grow.

The theme of growth even made it to some secondary characters, most notably Shelly, Evans’s mom. Evan was just waiting for Shelly to go back to her old ways but like Evan, she grew and matured.

I like being surprised and that’s what Bad Girl Reputation did for me. I would definitely recommend this one.

Final Score 4/5

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