Book Review: How to be True

Book: How to be True

Author: Daisy May Johnson

Thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan Children’s Publishing for an eARC in exchange for my honest review. 

Edie’s parents were activists who set out to travel the world so they left her with her grandmother Odette. Odette lived in a chateau in Paris with many rooms, but one room remained locked at all times. Only Odette was allowed in there, it is where she kept precious artwork.

One day someone broke into the chateau to steal a specific painting but Edie was able to scare him off. Odette took it as she was misbehaving. She then sent her off to England to boarding school. 

The story is told by Good Sister June. The headmistress of the School of Good Sisters. A school run by nuns. 

Edie thrived in school, learning so much and making lifelong friends. I loved the friendship that Edie had with Hanna and Calla. They were true friends with big personalities. 

I also love that it felt like anything can be solved with biscuits. 

Years later Odette invites the school to come to Paris and stay at the chateau. She tells Edie that she will not be returning to school. All while this is happening, the robber attempts and succeeds in stealing the painting again. 

Edie comes up with a grand plan that takes a lot of coordination all over Paris that involves everyone from school including the Good Sisters to help get back the painting. 

The story of Edie’s grandmother was told with such heart that it will tug on your heartstrings. 

There are many footnotes throughout each chapter. The author explains that it is for information that she remembers later on.  While I thought some were informative and clever, other times I thought it took away from the story. 

Final Score: 3/5

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