Game Review: Midnight Fight Express

Midnight Fight Express was something I was very excited about from the first trailer. I could not wait to play this one!

Review with Xbox Cloud Gaming

I don’t know how many times I say this, but I will say it again, I love brawlers! Midnight Fight Express is a brawler but it has so much more. A lot of brawlers are just mashing one or two buttons over and over again until you beat everyone. There’s nothing wrong with that, honestly, I love that. That is not what this is. There are special moves, and parries, which feel right at home in this game.

It has a similar combat style compared to games like the Arkham series, which really pioneered this style. You will be swarmed by enemies, fighting through them all, and then you will get a prompt to parry someone who is going to attack you. It becomes an epic dance of kicking, punching, and parrying.

Weapons play a huge part in combat. There are three classes of weapons. There are melee, throwable, and guns. Mixing up all these weapons together is an art and it was beautiful to watch and play.

When guns were first introduced it gave me some nostalgia feels because it brought me back to a classic brawler, Fighting Force. The way guns were used in that game is exactly how they are used initially here. Later in the game when guns are more prevalent, Midnight Fight Express almost plays more like a twin-stick shooter than a brawler. You can not reload any guns so during these sections you are diving around getting some punches in when you can but just trying to pick up a new gun to get back to the shooting. It was fun and the shooting felt really well done.

The story was absolutely insane. It was not the best story or even told in the best of ways but the places it goes were unexpected. Along your journey, you go from fighting street thugs to swat teams and everything in between. It was a great ride.

Sadly it can’t all be good, there were quite a few problems with this game. The difficulty spikes were insane. You will breeze through so many levels and then be stuck on a certain encounter for way too long. This was at its worse in the highway chase. You have to avoid cars and it was almost impossible to do without guessing. You do not have enough time to react and you are also in combat the whole time. I still have nightmares about this level.

Speaking of nightmares in one level and only one level they introduce Deadheads. Deadheads are zombies that are hard to kill and kill you very easily. It didn’t make any sense and was only in this one level and I could have done without it for sure.

Finally, as I always say. A game can not be a brawler without an elevator fight level, right? Well, we had two of them here!


Midnight fight express was an intense brawler with surprisingly good shooting mechanics. Fun combat and a crazy story will keep you pushing on past its difficulty spikes and some annoying enemies. Even after rolling credits I still have been going back to this one.

Final score 8.5/10

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