Mr. J’s Bagels and Deli

Place: Mr. J’s Bagels and Deli

Location: Harrisonburg Virginia

Living in New York for most of my life I was spoiled by great bagels. I didn’t even know they was strictly a New York trait until I started to travel for work and had bagels in other parts of the country. I love bagels is something I used to say but I have now corrected that to I love New York bagels. 

Not to my surprise many places say they are New York bagels outside of New York. None of these have been New York bagels until now. Mr. J’s is the truest New York bagel I have had. When I first unwrapped it and looked at it, I was hopeful that I finally found a New York bagel. After one bite I knew that I had. 

We tried a few different bagels with cream cheese and also a bacon egg and cheese. Eating each one of these I never would have thought I was in the mountains in Virginia. This will be our breakfast spot every time we are back in the area.

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