Book Review: Aces Wild: A Heist

Book: Aces Wild: A Heist

Author: Amanda Dewitt

Thank you NetGalley and RB Media for an advanced audio copy.

Aces Wild is a fun story about lies, gambling, and friendship. The story follows Jack Shannon a 17-year-old that returns home to Las Vegas after his mom was arrested. Jack needs to find out what happened and why his mom was really arrested but Jack can not do it alone so he enlists the help of his best friends. The only problem is his friends are scattered throughout the country and they all never met in real life. They met online through forums and formed an asexual support group. Anything surrounding asexuality is something I’m just not equipped to talk about but Dewitt does a great job at explaining different aspects of asexuality and parts of this book were very educational on the matter.

After Jack and all his friends are together is when the book really started to shine. All the different personalities and how they all play off each other were perfect. The excellent writing and the style of the book really put this front and center. The way Jack would often address the reader, either with a question or just by speaking to us, made you seem like you were sitting down with the group, listening to the story, and just hanging out.

I spent more time than I care to say in casinos. The descriptions of the casinos were spot on. You can really picture every part of it. This was one of those books that when you close your eyes you feel like you are there.

Robbie Daymond’s narration is as close to perfect as you can get. He speaks clearly and really gets you into the story. The way he voices other characters you know who is talking before he even tells you making it so easy to follow. I would definitely listen to more with him narrating.

Final Score 4/5

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