The Apple Arcade List: Super Impossible Road

The Apple Arcade journey continues with Super Impossible Road.

Super Impossible Road was a nostalgia trip for me. Who here has played Super Mario 64? Everyone right? Well, do you remember the slide in peaches castle? How about the penguin race? Of course you do. That slide gameplay is this entire game and in all of the good ways.

Remember when you would fly off the track and land further down to beat your time and get the secret star in peaches castle? Well that’s the main gameplay hook here! You have to pick your spots to go off course and try to land further down for shortcuts. There is a huge risk reward to it but it was always fun and, well, sometimes frustrating.

There were a few different game modes but what it all boiled down to was getting to the finish line as fast as possible. In races or time trials just staying on the track and not taking risks will not get you far. You have to drive off course and control your falls to land elsewhere. Where this can get frustrating is that you don’t have unlimited time while falling. After a few seconds your screen starts to fade to black and if you don’t land you will be spawned back to your last checkpoint losing valuable time. There were so many times when I was inches away from making contact with the track but just ran out of time. That’s where it gets frustrating. There also were plenty of times when I bounced at the last second and made it even further down than I initially planned. It did even itself out.

Where Super Impossible Road really shines are the races. When you fly off course and land ahead of others it was always a great feeling. You can’t even be called a cheater since that’s the whole point of this game. After beating the curated list that serves as a campaign there was still enough replayability to keep me busy. Going back to get 3 stars on each level or just jumping into a random game.


Super Impossible Road is a nostalgia trip for anyone who has played Super Mario 64. It can get frustrating at some points but it was always fun. Flying off course and landing really far ahead is something that just didn’t get old.

Final Score 7/10

The List

  1. What the Golf?
  2. Way of the Turtle
  3. The Pinball Wizard
  4. Jetpack Joyride 2
  5. A Fold Apart
  6. Jetpack Joyride +
  7. Super Impossible Road
  8. Towago: Among Shadows
  9. Tint
  10. Where Cards Fall
  11. Word Laces

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