CrossKeys Vineyard

Did you ever go somewhere so beautiful that you just forgot where you were? That’s what happened to us when we went to CrossKeys Vineyard. As soon as you turn onto the property you forget where you are and are just in awe of the beautiful property. 

I don’t know anything about wine and I also don’t pretend to know anything about wine so this post is almost like a prologue to the real post that will happen in the future. We went there and did some wine tasting but that was it. Again, we are not big wine drinkers but we liked the wine so much we bought a bottle to take home with us! 

We didn’t get to eat or do a tour which is what we really want to do. For now, I will say the wine we tasted was all great including a frozen Rosé, and I can not wait to get back there to take a tour and try some food and report back on the food. See you soon CrossKeys!

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