Game Review: As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls is a narrative adventure game. It’s been a while since I played this style of game so I was excited to start making some choices.

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The last narrative game like this I played was Until Dawn. I have played most of the Telltale games, the first Life is Strange and some of the Dark Picture anthology games, so I am no stranger to narrative games. This game was so much different than those for a reason I did not know I would like, until I played it. In all of those other games you control a character and move around on the screen. Some more than others but you do have character movement. There is zero movement in As Dusk Falls. It’s all just quick time events and your choices.

Conversations and choices are the entirety of the gameplay. Making decisions on what to say was usually not easy. A lot of games give you choices but only one answer seems like the “right” choice. Here sometimes all of them seem right and there were also times when every choice felt wrong. It was refreshing to really have to think about what my actions can cause. Every choice mattered, but then there were bigger choices called crossroads which carried even more weight and were even harder to choose.


There will be no spoilers in this review. The story is enjoyable and goes to a lot of places you don’t expect. The nature of this game means my story may not be your story. Play this game and make your own story with it. You won’t regret it.


The presentation is something I didn’t get used to and honestly I thought was going to be too distracting to enjoy the game. Luckily the story is so good that I was able to look past the way it’s presented.

I love the art style and how the game looks visually. However, the characters do not move at all. When they speak, they still don’t move and that includes their mouths. You are just looking at a still image of a person hearing them speak. It’s really jarring at first and It’s truly a testament to how great the story is that I was not fully distracted.

My favorite aspect of the presentation happens after the chapter is over. You get a full breakdown of your choices and you see how each story branch could have played out. You can jump right back in from there to try to play out different options.


As Dusk Falls is an excellent narrative adventure game. The presentation is distracting since no one’s lips move when they speak but it’s not enough to stop my enjoyment of the game. Making choices and seeing how they play out and change the outcome of different story paths kept me intrigued from the first chapter to the last.

Final score 9/10

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