Vito’s Italian Kitchen

Place: Vito’s Italian Kitchen

Location: Harrisonburg Virginia

If you know me, you know pizza is my favorite food. You also know that I am not a pizza snob. I love Dominos almost as much as I love pizza from a family-owned pizzeria but I can recognize what’s good and what is just serviceable. I have had plenty of “the best” pizzas across New York, I have had Chicago-style pizza in the heart of Chicago, and I have even had pizza in a small town in Italy. All of this to say I know pizza. Vito’s Italian Kitchen had pizza that would be very high on my list of favorite pizzas. They have other food too which was great but we are here for the pizza. 

I have had pizza in a lot of remote areas and sadly now I expect subpar ingredients or execution, I could not have been more wrong about Vito’s. The presentation alone made me extremely excited to try the pizza. All the ingredients were very high quality. The dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings. Every aspect was as close to perfect as it can be.  This pizza would be right at home sitting next to any of the top pizzas you can think of. This place is so good that my dad became a rewards member, we live six hours away. 

For more food, you won’t want to miss be sure to check out our Instagram.

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