The Apple Arcade List: A Fold Apart

A Fold Apart is a puzzle game that follows a couple on a journey through a tough time in their relationship. It is available on all major platforms.

Reviewed on iPhone


A Fold Apart is a rare game for me for a few reasons. First, it’s a puzzle game and has a story. Most games that I have played which are strictly puzzle games have either no narrative or very light story elements. Here is where A Fold Apart really surprised me, by the end of the story I got teary eyed, this rarely happens to me.

Part of the reason this story is so touching to me is that it was extremely relatable to me. The story follows a couple where one of them gets a contract that requires them to travel for work. The couple can be whatever gender you want including same sex couples, it’s great when games can add something like that and make it feel as natural as should.

The story plays out from both perspectives and you watch how the distance hurts the relationship. As someone who has had to travel for work for, it’s never easy for us. The way they show both of their thoughts it’s clear to see that the writers here have gone through this, it was just so accurate. To not spoil anything all I will say is, if you can relate to this, you will feel some emotions.


The gameplay was intriguing but got a little repetitive. You fold pieced of the environment like a piece of paper to manipulate the world to get your character across the screen. Even though it got repetitive the storytelling that goes on while you are solving problems keeps you going and stops you from getting frustrated.

There is a hint system built into the game so you will never find yourself stuck for long. There is also no cooldown or restrictions with the hint system. You can literally just keep using the hint system to solve any problem if you wanted to. It makes the puzzles a lot less stressful knowing you have that security there.


A Fold Apart looks absolutely beautiful. The colors and the environment all make the pictures pop right off your screen. As the couple is communicating their words are flying across the screen and it always looked amazing.


A Fold Apart is an emotional story of a couple going through a hard time when distance is put between them. It’s relatable and well written and is definitely an experience that you need to have.

Final score 8/10

The List

  1. What the Golf?
  2. Way of the Turtle
  3. The Pinball Wizard
  4. A Fold Apart
  5. Towago: Among Shadows
  6. Tint
  7. Where Cards Fall
  8. Word Laces

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