Quick Impressions: Deathrun TV

Deathrun TV is a twin stick rogue lite shooter. Typically not my genre but I was intrigued by the premise.

Reviewed on Google Stadia

The biggest draw for me was the setup. Deathrun TV has you playing as a contestant on a bloody game show where you fight to survive in a bullet hell shooter. Fighting wave after wave of baddies and bosses to progress.

While the premise was interesting they do not do much to build on it and the cool idea wore out fast for me. As you are fighting waves of Enemies you are trying to increase your “likes” and also save VR versions of your fans, those fans are also your primary source for upgrades and items.

Running through a barrage of bullets to get to a fan to save while shooting everything in your way was awesome….. for a short time. After a while every level felt and even looked the same and it got old quickly.

After a few runs and a few unlocks I started to lose my drive to play. There was nothing that was really pulling me back that made me want to say “one more run”. When you die they do show you how close you are to a new unlock which I’m sure is supposed to be that carrot on a stick but ultimately it did not work for me.

The controls and shooting are all fine but the game just fails to be different. It’s very similar to games that already exist.

After just a short amount of playtime, with the exception of the number of enemies on screen, you won’t be able to tell the difference from one level to the next.


Deathrun TV fails to be different. In this genre, it’s hard to play it safe and stand out. It has a great setup but after that, there is not much to bring me back.

Final Score: Unlikely to Return

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