Dry 85

Place: Dry 85

Location: Ocean City, Maryland

Dry 85 is a great restaurant and one we have gone two a few times during our Ocean City trips. We love it but they just have a misunderstood menu and portions that are a little all over the place.

If I ever sound negative that’s not what I’m going for a really do love this place. They have a huge drink list that in my opinion is very reasonably priced, and this is a tourist trap of an area. One of my go to drinks is an old fashioned and I have paid a huge range of prices for it. Dry 85 came in at one of the lowest prices, 11 dollars. We also had an American Mule which was also very reasonable at 12 dollars. Between the price and the quality, the drinks were a great start to our meal.

The appetizer menu is where things start to fall apart. The prices are not very high but they are higher than our mixed drinks and then not much lower than our entree. Typically I feel appetizers and cocktails have much similar pricing to each other. They also have an appetizer that is French fries and champagne which cost 100 dollars. It was a little strange to see on the menu.

This is my biggest concern with the food. We ordered the fried pickles appetizer which cost 15 dollars. For 15 dollars you get 6 slices of fried pickles. They taste great and even though I think the portion is small I don’t mind paying for quality. Where this gets strange is my entree which was a delicious pulled pork waffle sandwich was 17 dollars. 2 dollars more for a lot more food. It just didn’t make sense.

Entrees here are definitely on the cheaper side but do not lack in quality. The brunch burger is a burger with a fried egg and bacon which is just a perfect combo. The pulled pork waffle sandwich had pork that is seasoned well inside a perfect waffle.

The chicken and waffles were the weakest meal we had but they still were above average. The chicken was a little dry but the seasoning made up for it.

We love going to Dry 85 and will continue to go. Personally, I feel they have to adjust some prices up and down or tweak some portions but this does not stop our enjoyment of going there.

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