Game Review: Uncharted 2

After I finished the first Uncharted I immediately started playing Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 is considered the best by many fans. I don’t think I was one of them but let’s find out.

Reviewed on PlayStation 5

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves is exactly what a sequel should be. It takes every aspect of the original game and makes it a little better.

The movement feels more responsive and the climbing is a lot less clunky. I always jumped where I wanted to and didn’t fall to my death for no reason at all.

The gunplay while still not the best got a lot tighter and better. It’s the weapon sway that really kills it for me. When I’m in the moment I don’t notice the sway and I’m just killing everyone I can. It is only when I stop and try to aim that I really notice it and it affects me.

Puzzles are more well crafted and not as obtuse as they were in the first game which just leads to a more enjoyable experience.

The main villain is much better realized, while still a cliche he was overall a better villain than the first games. My favorite part is he calls out Drake for being no better than he is because of all the killing Drake does. As Drake, you kill enemy after enemy so from a moral standpoint you do have to wonder how is he such a good guy if he can go on these murderous rampages, so it was fun for me to see Drake called out on that.

Overall there were just so many more over the top set pieces making many parts of this game stand out. Whether it be shootouts during car chases, running across a train or even climbing up the train while it is falling off a mountain. Everything in this game was turned up from what we got in the first game.


Uncharted 2 is what every sequel needs to be. Take what works and just make it better. Nothing in Uncharted 2 was done worse than it was already done in the first Uncharted. I remember Uncharted 3 being my favorite of the original trilogy so I’m looking forward to jumping in and seeing if that holds or if the evolution from one to two makes Uncharted two the better game.

Final Score 9/10

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