Book Review: Booked on a Feeling

Book: Booked on a Feeling

Author: Jayci Lee

Thanks to Netgalley & St Martins Press/St Martins Griffin for an eARC

Lizzy is a lawyer at a big time law firm in LA. After she wins her first trial she realizes she should be happier than she is. This leads to her taking a leave of absence to go to the town her best friend Jack lives. Weldon is a small knit community town. Lizzy rents an apartment above a bookstore and decides to help the bookstore revamp itself with the help of Jack. Being so close to her best friend again she realizes some feelings she has toward him. Meanwhile, Jack has had feelings for Lizzy since he was ten.

Watching their friendship “cannonball” was really lovely. You will be rooting for the two of them to work out in the end. The comfort level they had toward one another was so real.

Each character is so lovable from the bookstore owner Shannon, to Jack’s mom.

The anxiety issues Lizzy felt were very real in the story. I felt the anxiety wash away for her while she was checking off her to do list in the bookstore. She seemed to be truly happy there.

Throughout the book you just want Lizzy to be happier doing what she truly wants to do in life.

This was a very easy to read, cute romance novel, with such lovely characters. It is a perfect “friends to lovers” story.

Final Score: 4/5

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