Review: Trek to Yomi

Trek to Yomi was a game I started very soon after my journey through Sifu. That may have affected my experience.

Reviewed on Xbox Cloud Gaming

As I already stated I had just finished Sifu when I started Trek to Yomi. Sifu has some of the best combat in a game I have ever played. Trek to Yomi does not, but I’ll get to that.

I’ll start with the good, well great actually. Trek to Yomi is one of the best looking most stylized games I have ever played. The presentation is just like an old samurai movie, film grain and all. The black and white ascetic is truly immersive and fits the tone of the game so well.

You move around the world in mostly a 2D plane but sometimes movement can be on a 3D plane. Combat however is always played in 2D. The fighting looks great and this is a great game to watch. Unfortunately, it’s not that great to play.

The combat is masked as something complex with a combo system and parry system. You just don’t really need to use much of it. You will find a move that just kills enemies like it’s nothing and it’s never rewarding to try anything different. With the exception of boss fights none of the combat encounters were all that challenging or interesting.

Throughout the levels, there are a handful of puzzles that are laughably dull. You will find symbols in the immediate environment and use them. It added nothing to the game except some frustration.

The story was slightly above average but most of that just has to do with the presentation. When it comes down to the actual story it’s predictable for the most part and does not do anything new that we have not seen before.


Trek to Yomi might be my biggest letdown of the year. I was extremely excited about it and it has some of the best visuals I have ever seen but nothing else in the game did it for me. I hope the game gets a sequel and they evolve it to be what we all hope it could be.

Final score 3/10

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