The Apple Arcade List: Towaga: Among Shadows

The Apple Arcade list continues. Next up is Towaga: Among Shadows.

Towaga: Among Shadows calls itself a frantic twin stick shooter. That description got me super excited for the game. As soon as I started playing I was disappointed but that did not last long. I was disappointed because this really is not a twin stick shooter. The disappointment didn’t last because what was here was pretty fun.

There are basically two types of levels. One where your character is stationary and you only aim and shoot. The other is more similar to a twin stick shooter. You are flying through the air at your control and shooting everything you see.

By the look of your projectile which is just a large beam and then in some levels having the ability to fly around, to me this kind of felt like an Ironman game. On seeing in that way also increased my enjoyment.

After you play a few levels and fight a few bosses the game just runs out of juice and it starts to get very repetitive. When I beat the last level I was ready for my time with the game to be over.

Besides just replaying the story missions there actually is some replayability to the game in a couple of other modes. There is a survival mode both for the level type of being stationary and for the flying. They both have leaderboard support so if high score chasing is your thing they got you covered.

There also is a multiplayer mode which sounds exciting but I was unable to try it in any real form. You need gamepads to play it and it’s local only. It’s a PVP mode, so I was interested in trying it, but having to bust out multiple controllers and not having online support made a compelling idea feel like a chore.


Towaga: Among Shadows is a repetitive game with some fun to be had. Pretending to be Ironman through the levels and survival mode is fun until the repetitive nature sets in. Add an inaccessible multiplayer mode and you get a mediocre game that is worth trying out but fails to have the legs to last long.

Final score 5/10

The List

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  2. Way of the Turtle
  3. Where Cards Fall
  4. Towaga: Among Shadows
  5. Various Daylife
  6. Word Laces

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