Top 5 Summer Reads

Who doesn’t love to sit on the beach and read a book? No one that’s who. These are my top 5 books to read this summer while you are relaxing on a beach, in no particular order. Enjoy and happy summer.

Book: The Lifeguards

Author: Amanda Eyre Ward

The story is about three mothers who all have their secrets to keep. They live in a very expensive “safe” neighborhood and the three of them all have children at the same time, which grows their bond even further. A murder unfolds in their “safe” quiet town that begins to unravel many of their secrets.

In the beginning, there are a lot of characters thrown your way but it’s all very descriptive and easy to remember.

I really enjoyed that each chapter was a different character’s point of view, this made the story flow and had me eager to keep going. I also really liked the way the book was broken down with each time frame, and the chapter lengths were great. Whenever I had a free minute I would read a chapter. I couldn’t put it down because of the many surprises thrown your way. This is a very entertaining mystery book and one I definitely recommend.

Even though this has a spring release this is a perfect summer beach read if you can wait until then… I don’t think I could have.

Book: One of the Girls

Author: Lucy Clarke

I loved the chapter layout. Each chapter is from a different girl’s perspective. It is one of those “just one more chapter” books which I love.

The story follows a hen party (bachelorette party) for Lexi on the fictional island of Aegos in Greece. There are six girls at the party and each of the six girls has a secret. As the story progresses you learn a lot about each girl and learn more about each of their secrets. I was immediately drawn in from the beginning. The suspense had me at the edge of my seat. It seems like all the girls secretly don’t want Lexi’s wedding to go through. Some of the secrets were jaw dropping. The ending will definitely have you at the edge of your seat. This is such a compelling thriller with fantastic imagery, the island and villa are easy to visualize.

Book: Island Time

Author: Georgia Clark

The Kellys family and the Lee family go to a tropical island off the coast of Australia. The only thing that brings these two families together is that their daughters are married. What should have been a long weekend away turned into a six-week-long adventure. On the first night, a volcano offshore erupts causing damage to the area as well as a small tsunami. Due to damage, they were unable to leave the island.

Throughout the book you watch each character evolve and become their true selves. I got very invested in each character.

As the end grew near and their time on the island was coming to a close I was getting nervous to see how some loose ends would tie together. I was really happy with the outcome but also want to continue following these characters after their time on the island. This is another great summer read.

Book: The Summer Place

Author: Jennifer Weiner

The Summer Place was not your traditional book with a central main character, instead, it focused on more of an ensemble cast, the Levy-Weinberg family. All of the family members play an important role in the plot of the story, a story filled with twists and shocking moments.

The focal point of the story is when one of the family members, Ruby is set to get married. While going through the chapters you are learning about each family member and all this development will come to fruition at the wedding. Everything we have learned is laid out and exposed in the lead-up to the wedding making for a lot of surprising reveals and drama. As the reveals and twists were coming I could not put the book down. This was a great read.

Book: The Home-Wreckers

Author: Mary Kay Andrews

The Homewreckers is a book that has it all. It has Romance, it has mystery, it has thrills, and even a great unexpected twist.

The book follows Hattie, a house flipper restoring 100-year-old homes in Savannah Georgia. Hattie meets Mo who is a producer for a fictional television station “HPTV”. With the help of Mo, they begin to film a reality TV show for the station but everything just keeps going wrong. Hattie and Mo are such well developed and likable characters and you will be rooting for them the entire book. When the book wrapped up I was very satisfied with the ending and closed the book with a smile.

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