Book Review: No Exit

Book: No Exit

Author: Taylor Adams

Kristen’s Review:

Another 5 star rating this year. This book is a perfect winter thriller. It has so many unexpected twists and turns. It follows a college student named Darby who heads back home to see her family but gets stuck in a bad snowstorm. She pulls over at a rest stop for safety to find four others at the rest stop as well. She later finds out that someone is a kidnapper and has a little girl locked in their van. It is one of those books that you can’t put down.

Final Score 5/5

Brian’s Review:

No Exit is a great book to read on a snowy day. The main character Darby is on her way home to see her sick mother but Mother Nature had other plans for her and she gets stuck in a blizzard. Darby makes it to a rest stop where other people were also waiting out the storm. With no cell service, everyone is stranded here until the roads are cleared. While Darby was in the parking lot trying to get a cell signal she noticed something that will change her life forever. In a van parked in the lot, she sees a young girl locked in the back. Who can Darby trust? Who’s van is this? Who is the girl? This was a great thriller that kept me guessing long after I thought I figured it out. I highly recommend this one. 

Final Score 5/5

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