Book Review: Flying Solo

Book: Flying Solo

Author: Linda Holmes

Thank you to Netgalley and Random House Publishing

Laurie has a big family. She has 4 brothers and most of the time her house was loud. Too loud, when all she wanted was peace and quiet. She would always escape to her great aunt Dot’s house who lived nearby. Aunt Dot lived alone and never married or had children. 

When Aunt Dot passed away, Laurie was the one who was chosen to go through her belongings in her house. She found mountains of memories, books, and photos from her life. 

While cleaning she came across a wooden duck. She was very curious about the duck and went to an antique shop to try to find out more. The journey to find out more information about the duck was quite the adventure, from dealing with a scammer, to hiding in closets, to planning a way get the duck back. 

I noticed many similarities that Laurie had with Dot, from traveling, to just enjoying living in her own space. However, I found Laurie to be very stubborn at times never willing to make any sort of compromises. I was hoping for more growth from her but it never happened. 

I did enjoy the characters that Laurie met throughout the story. Her friends June and Nick were very lovable. I really enjoyed all the moments Laurie and Nick had together. 

The ending was not your typical ending, it took a chance by not being predictable but for me, it really missed the landing. This easily could have been a higher rating if the ending was a little different. 

Final Score: 3.5/5

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