Book Review: Four Ways to Wear a Dress

Book: Four Ways to Wear a Dress

Author: Gillian Libby

* Book provided by Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca

Four Ways to Wear a Dress follows Millie, a woman who loses her job at a PR firm in New York. Her friend Quincy casually mentions that she should come visit her in a small surf town called Peacock Bay. The timing is perfect, the lease on Millie’s apartment is up, so packs up her belongings, including a black dress her friend group called magic. They say whenever you wear it great things will happen. Millie hopes this is true as she sets off for Peacock Bay.

Quincy is an Instagram influencer, so Millie decides to do the same and together they are trying to bring tourists back to Peacock Bay. Quincy has a brother, Peter. Millie has always had a crush on him but now she falls head over heels. This was an excellent romantic comedy and you will definitely be rooting for Millie.

Millie and her friends are always there for each other, no matter what. I really loved the friendship they had and how their belief in the dress was so much more meaningful than the dress just being “magic”. The dress was a symbol of their friendship and how support and positivity make for the best traits in a group of friends.

Final Score 5/5

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