Book Review: The Hating Game

Book: The Hating Game

Author: Sally Throne

Kristen’s review:

The Hating Game is a classic love/hate relationship. I thought it was really good but it did seem to drag on for a bit too long at times. I just kept wanting to know if Joshua and Lucy would end up together and which one would get the promotion.

Score 4/5

Brian’s Review:

The hating game is a romantic comedy that I did not expect to like. We read this book because we wanted to watch the movie so we figured let’s start with the book. Not only did I love the book but I also loved the movie. 

Lucy and Josh are co workers who hate each other. They also are competing for the same promotion. It’s extremely predictable but was still fun to read. Do they hate each other? Of course, they will get together. Both going for the same promotion? Of course, they will figure out a way that doesn’t divide them. 

Score 4/5

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