Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront II

Happy Star Wars day! I recently have been wanting to play some Star Wars games and didn’t know where to start. I decided to replay the campaign in Battlefront 2.

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This is a review of the single player campaign and the DLC campaign Resurrection. I played the multiplayer around the time this game was released but never was able to get into it. I don’t know what really changed for me because I was always into multiplayer in all battlefront games even the first modern one.

I love single player campaigns and I love Star Wars so I was excited to replay this story. I played this on launch day and all I remembered was I enjoyed it. I did not remember any story beats at all.

The story follows Iden Versio who was a commander in the Empire. Alongside her fellow squad member Del, they leave the empire and join the resistance. Growing up my favorite Star Wars character was Darth Vader. My ringtone on my phone is the Imperial March. I love the dark side when it comes to Star Wars. When the game starts you are actually on the side of the Empire. I was curious how they would tell us a story from the Empire’s point of view. I don’t want to say they took the easy way out by having the main characters switch sides but they kind of did. The story is very well done but I’m just craving a story that’s fully the dark side.

During the campaign, you can freely switch from first person and third person perspectives. I enjoyed this freedom and often found myself going back and forth in different scenarios.

There are quite a few missions that have you piloting a ship and taking part in dog fights. EA recently released Star Wars Squadrons which is only ship combat. I bounced off that game quickly because it made me severely motion sick. The dogfighting in this game was a blast and did not make me sick at all. It left me wondering if I should give Squadrons another shot.

The story also has you take control of iconic Star Wars characters. Most of these sequences felt very shoehorned in and more of a fan service than a real driver of the story. The best story moments happened when you were in control of Iden.

I don’t like spoilers but this is an old game so Spoiler Warning!!!!!

Last chance for Spoilers.

Ok still here? Like I said I played this campaign already but I did not remember anything. The base campaign jumps ahead in time to when the first order is starting and they are trying to find Luke. Del gets caught up in this mess and gets captured by the first order. You find out that he and Iden had a daughter. Del is killed and a trap is set to get Iden. Credits roll. I know I played this already but I forgot and was honestly shocked when Del died. It didn’t stop there!

The DLC that came out I never played. Three more chapters were added. It starts with Iden and her daughter practicing flying. They find out what happened to Del and set out for justice. Iden saves the day, saves her daughter, gets justice for Del, and also dies! They killed both main characters. Remember when I said they took the easy way out? Yeah, I ate those words because killing both main characters is just something you never see.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 tells a great Star Wars story. It has some fan service moments that don’t do much for the story but those don’t take away from what the game does right. I know there was a lot of negativity surrounding this game but if you are a fan of Star Wars you owe it to yourself to play this story.

Final score 8/10

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