Game Review: Bloodshore

Bloodshore is an interactive action movie and is available on most major platforms.

Reviewed on iOS

Movies and games have always had a close relationship and making a movie into a game is a lost art that I personally have not seen too much of anymore. Bloodshore as a plot had me intrigued immediately.

The cliff notes of the story without giving away any spoilers, you are about to watch a squad participate in a battle royale. Being a big action movie and battle royal games fan instantly I was ready.

Again no spoilers. The movie itself is serviceable on its own. It’s not great but it was still fun to watch. The acting was not the best, but if you watch as many bad movies as I do it won’t bother you too much.

Where Bloodshore really shines is on its choices. You can make actual choices that will determine how your movie plays out. Such choices as who to save, or if you should kill someone or not. Some of the choices I had a hard time choosing since both answers were interesting, so Bloodshore came off as a game that was begging to be played multiple times to see how each choice would play out, which I did and still had fun with it.

Bloodshore has a running time of a movie, not a game, so it’s something you can easily complete in one sitting.

I played the game on iOS, this happens to be the cheapest platform the game is available on. I had zero performances issues playing it there. Something to keep in mind if the short run time doesn’t add up with the price for your preferred platform.


Bloodshore is a poorly acted fun battle royale movie. Making choices along the way always made me think about what would have happened if I chose differently making me want to go back and play again. Bloodshore is not going to change the world but it’s a fun 90 minute break from the world if you need it.

Final score 6/10

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