Proper Good

*Meals provided by Proper Good

Proper Good is another contender in the ready made meals delivered to your door. They sent us a couple soups that come packaged nice and are in an easy to heat up pouch. Instructions are clear and extremely fast and easy. We both have busy days during the week and sometimes just need something fast and easy. We tried some options like Freshly that would send packaged meals that you just need to heat and eat but found the quality to be on the lower side. I am happy to say Proper Goods is not lacking in quality.

We tried two soups, chicken noodle, and red pepper & meatball. Red pepper & meatball was my clear favorite. The chicken noodle was not bad but the red pepper and meatball was just absolutely delicious.

The soup is loaded with flavor and I feel like I got a meatball in almost every bite. I’m the type of person that likes to make my own soup over opening up a can or in this case a pouch. This soup made me rethink my methods. To think I can have soup this good, delivered to my door, and ready in just a couple minutes is a game changer.

Definitely head over to and check them out, then head over to our Instagram to check out more foods to try.

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