Book Review: 3AM

Book: 3 AM

Author Nick Pirog

Brian’s Review:

What if you were only awake for one hour a day? Well, that’s what Henry Bins has to deal with. Henry is only awake from 3AM-4AM, when 4AM comes, if Henry is not in bed, he is in for a rough night. 4AM comes and Henry just collapses and is asleep for the next 23 hours. This alone is a crazy concept and that’s not even the plot of the book.

Right before Henry is about to fall asleep for the night he hears a scream coming from outside, when he goes to see what happened he sees the President of the United States standing there. There was a murder across the street and to Henry and it looks like the only suspect is the President. With only one hour every day Henry works to try to find out what happened and who murdered the woman across the street.

This book was great, it’s a very fast read, but I just want to give you a warning. This book is going to make you feel like crap. The reason I say this is because Henry only has 60 minutes a day to not only do what he wants to do, but also what he needs to do, like eat, drink, and shower. With such limited time Henry still goes for a run every day. I have all the time in the world and I never choose to go for a run. This made me question some of my choices, but don’t question your choice, pick up this book and read it.

Score 5/5

Kristens Review

If you are a fan of The Woman in the Window then you may enjoy this short easy read. It’s the story of a man named Henry Bins that has a condition where he is only awake one hour a day and it happens to be at 3:00AM. One night he hears a scream, sees the president. and then tries to investigate it himself. It’s has good suspense at times that keeps you wondering if the president of the United States is a murder, but even if he’s not, why was he there?

Score 3/5

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