Snack Attack# 44

Snack: Jack Daniels Cola

Well, not so much a snack, a drink, but here it’s all the same here. Jack and Coke’s were one of my go to cocktails in my youth. Whenever I was out at a bar, there was a real good chance you would see me with a Jack and Coke. Now I’m old, I have a house, I have a bar cart, I can make a Jack and Coke any time I want and I just don’t. It’s pure laziness. Thankfully we have a solution now.

Jack Daniels Cola is a bottled version of Jack and Coke. Coming in at 4.8% alcohol it’s definitely a drink you can have without getting impaired. It tastes exactly like a Jack and Coke but just not as strong making it much easier to just kick back and enjoy. If you like Jack and Coke then definitely go out and find this! Please drink responsibly.

If you haven’t heard we started to review books! Check out our review of 214 Palmer Street and The Lifeguards. For all your food needs be sure to head over to our Instagram.

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