One Bite Frozen Pizza

Pizza is my favorite food, but that does not make me a pizza snob. I will eat any pizza and enjoy it. Whether it be a local pizza place, a chain pizzeria, homemade or even frozen pizza, I will enjoy every bite of it.

With the Pandemic affecting our eating out habits, frozen pizza became more of a common occurrence in the Foodie Rooney household. We have our favorites but now with One Bite, we have a new favorite that topples all the rest. I know there were a lot of fun joke reviews on Instagram but I can assure you, while those are obviously jokes, the quality of this frozen pizza is no joke. The only bad thing we can say about this frozen pizza is the popularity of Barstool has made this pizza almost impossible to find.

The pizza came out of the oven crispy and delicious. The quality of the sauce and the cheese make it seem more like a homemade pizza than a mass produced item. We are constantly on the hunt to try to find more of this pizza. Keep your eye out for it and buy it every chance you can, you will not regret it.

For more food you wont want to miss be sure to check out our Instagram.

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