Snack Attack #41

Snack: WaWa Chips Ahoy! Drinks

I am a big fan of WaWa and have been for years. The drinks the food and the convenience are all top of its class. For a limited time added to there already large arsenal of delicious drinks are a variety of Chips Ahoy drinks. We decided to go with the cream and cheesecake variety. We tried both the vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Both of them are absolutely delicious. As a kid did you ever take a bunch of cookies and put them into milk and just let them all break up and dissolve into the milk? If you answered no, then you missed out, if you answered yes then you will love these drinks. It taste like an elevated version of what I did with my childhood. You have to try this one for your self!

I do not know how long this will last but how every long it is all I can say is it wont be long enough. This needs to be a permanent stable to their menu. Lets us know what you think about it and for all your snack needs be sure to head over to our Instagram.

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