Big Dipper Edible Cookie Dough

Product was provided to us by Big Dipper Edible Cookie Dough, however the views in this review are 100% our own.

Who has not broke all the rules and risked getting sick to eat raw cookie dough? I know that I have. Knowing the risk I still will do it every time. I guess I was not alone because over the past few years a lot of edible cookie doughs started to gain popularity. I tried a lot of them but none measured up the the real thing. I would still rather risk getting sick then eating the safe ones.

Now enters Big Dipper. The texture is absolutely perfect when compared to raw cookie dough. The dough is grainy and chewy just like you would be expecting. The first bite I took I had to check the package, It tasted exactly how I remembered raw dough to taste so I thought it had to be a joke.

We were provided with three different flavors, chocolate chip, cookies and cream and cherry. Unfortunately they all ended up tasting the same but fortunately that means they all tasted great. Even after eating all the flavors, thinking about it and now writing about it, I still cant believe this cookie dough is safe to eat. My mind was blown.

Everyone should seek this out and give it a try. Its well worth it.

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