Snack Attack #37

Snack: Brookie-O Oreo

The Oreo flavors do not stop and we will keep trying them all. Brookie-O was one I was looking forward to trying since it has everything I like. Brownie, cookie dough and Oreo cream, sign me up. Unfortunately my first taste was not what I was expecting. Typically I like to twist my Oreos and eat the cream then the cookie. By its self the cream was not great. It tasted a little artificial but also just overly sweet.

I was disappointed for sure but I didn’t stop eating. Out of nothing except pure laziness I decided to not twist the Oreo to eat the cream and instead just bite right in. Eating it this way the chocolate cookie of the Oreo does a great job at balancing the sweetness of the cream and it made for a tasty bite. If you’re going to give this a shot, this is the way to eat it. Eat it in one bite and you will enjoy it, twist it and get ready for some disappointment.

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