Like many people I try to be health conscious but I like food too much, especially snacks. I have tried my fair share of health snacks and while some are good, they all ultimately do not satisfy my snacking urge. They just feel too healthy, which is not a knock against it but if you are a snacker like me, then you understand.

Then here comes Peatos. “Junk food taste made from peas”. Sounds like a big promise and I was intrigued. For full disclosure Peatos sent us a variety box for review but these thoughts are my own and was no way influenced by being sent a variety box. I loved the box so much I subscribed to get them monthly, but more on that later.

The single serve bags vary in calories from some being under 100 to others being a little over. Even with a small calorie count, it still packs big flavor.

There are too variant to shape, a curl and a ring with five flavors total. My favorite were the rings, which are onion flavored. There is a classic onion and a fiery onion. The fiery onion is spicy but has great flavor. The heat also doesn’t linger so it was never unpleasant. The classic onion can be compared to a Funion, just with less calories and less grease. The texture has a great crunch to it, I would never guess it was not a true junk food.

The curls have three flavors; ranch, fiery, and classic cheese. The fiery has a similar taste to the fiery onion. The Cheese taste like a traditional cheese puff and the ranch has a a powerful ranch flavor that was a lot better than expected. All three of these, just like the onion, taste exactly like junk food.

After the high of eating junk food, the guilt usually follows. These snacks are so good and feel just like junk foood that the guilt still follows. I have to constantly remind myself that they are not junk food. I loved it so much that I signed up for a monthly subscription. I will be getting these delicious snacks delivered every month. I strongly encourage you to go to and check them out for yourself. You can even enter the code “SUBSCRIBE” at checkout to get your first subscription for only a dollar! Its definitely worth it.

Let us know what you think of Peatos! For all your other food needs head over to our Instagram.

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