More S’mores

Place: Toasted S’mores Co.

Location: Staten Island, New York

Who doesn’t love s’mores and hot chocolate? Walking into Toasted S’mores and Co I was overwhelmed seeing all the choices to create my own s’more. The friendly staff was knowledgeable and patient with me while we crafted my s’more together.

There were countless combinations you can make from different chocolates and fillings to different crackers and cookies. We decided with a salted caramel cookie to house our s’more. Inside we went with just a basic vanilla marshmallow but for our chocolate we added some pretzels.

If I’m being honest it was difficult to eat but it was delicious. It’s massive in size and fell apart on us after heating it up but the flavors were there.

The hot chocolate bombs were the star for us. We got peanut butter and gingerbread. Both of them were super rich and creamy and up there in the best hot chocolate we have ever had.

The peanut butter was slightly better than the gingerbread but it was a close race with no losers. These hot chocolate bombs were not just a drink they were an experience and we can not wait to get our hands on more.

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