Sal’s Bakery

Place: Sal’s Bakery

Location: Staten Island, New York

Sal’s Bakery was a place we found on Instagram. After we finally made it in there we can confidently say we found one of our favorite bakeries. They have everything you would expect and its all exceptional and the prices are incredible but what I wanted to highlight was the doughnuts.

If I’m being honest, the first time we went there, we ordered a dozen doughnuts and we were asked if we wanted specialty doughnuts mixed in, we said yes and I was ready for a big price tag. When they told us the total it was a pleasant surprise. It was under twenty dollars for a dozen of large and specialty doughnuts. In this area, the could easily charge a lot more and people would pay it.

Every doughnut we have tried has been excellent. The dough is light and airy and the the topping have all been just the right amount. We have not tried them all yet but we are certainly on a mission to make sure that we do.

We moved away from Staten Island but made a point to make a pit stop at Sal’s Bakery every time we go back into the area. If you live anywhere close make this a must visit and you will not regret it.

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