Newground Hard Dutch Latte

Iced coffee is a refreshing summer drink. Alcohol goes well with summer so who wouldn’t want to add a little to their iced coffee. Right out of the can Newground hard lattes have you covered with some alcohol to get you through those long summer days. They smell like coffee, taste like coffee, but give you that warm feeling only a good drink can. It does it all without having an overpowering alcohol flavor.

031a3df5-b054-4a8c-8870-19953dec50c3We were fortunate to have both the Cafe Latte and the Chai Latte sent to us. I can’t pick which one is my favorite. They both are incredibly smooth and satisfy both as a coffee drink and as an alcoholic beverage.

For full disclosure, these were sent to us but we were not obligated to give a good review, this is our true feelings. We highly recommend these to brighten up your summer!

For all your food needs be sue to head on over to our Instagram and if you need some snacks, check out some good ones in our Snack Attacks.


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