Snack Attack #28

Snack: Froot Loops Peeps

Last Snack Attack we had another Froot Loops flavor that was a miss for me, but now we have another, Froot Loops flavored Peeps. I love Peeps, we have had a few Snack Attacks on them before, and spoiler alert, we have some more Peeps coming.


This one comes four to a pack and its the same color as Froot Loops. Like the Pop Tarts, the Peeps smelled just like Froot Loops but it was a little more subtle. After taking a bite, I was left searching for the Froot Loops flavor. After a second bite, it started to hit me. It tasted like Peeps which I love with a subtle Froot Loops flavor, which I also loved. It was a little too subtle but at least it wasn’t overpowering like the Pop Tarts. The light Froot Loops flavor was an excellent complement to the already great Peeps flavor.

If you like Peeps than this is a snack you do not want to miss. It may be hard to find but it will be worth it. Need more snacks? Check out the rest of our Snack Attacks and for everything else food related head over to our Instagram.

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