Snack Attack # 26

Snack: Pop Tarts Pretzel

Anyone that follows our Instagram or reads the site, you know we are a sucker for pretzels. We will order them anytime they are on the menu. When we saw the commercial for these we made it our mission to find them.


They come in two varieties, Chocolate and Cinnamon Sugar. They both look like a normal Pop Tart but they do taste like a pretzel. They taste great right out of the box or heated up. There is not too much filling so its important that they pretzel taste great and it does. The chocolate filling is less strong of a flavor than the cinnamon so if you’re more of a pretzel fan then this is the one for you. The Cinnamon you taste the filling more and the pretzel gets put more on the backburner. They both are great and pending your mood will decide which one you would rather have.

This is a snack not to miss! For more snacks be sure to check out our other Snack Attacks and for all your other food needs be sure to check out our Instagram.

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