Snack Attack #25

Snack: Llama Loops

The Llama Loops box immediately caught my eye, it’s bright and colorful, that’s what originally made me pick it up. Then when I saw it was a llama, one of my favorite animals I knew I had to buy it.

I had very low expectations. We live in a world where there are more cereals than any other food. There seems to be a new cereal every day. They can’t all be good right? Right, it’s not very good.


The cereal looks pretty but that’s really it for anything positive. It smells overly artificial and it tastes very sugary. Like the smell, the taste is very artificial too.  It also leaves an after taste that is not very pleasant.

This is a snack you can pass on. They got the package and the looks right but that was really it. For snacks not to miss be sure to check out some other Snack Attacks and for everything else head over to our Instagram.

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